ECLAS has produced new resources for church leaders on Covid-19. This page will be updated regularly with new videos, research, and blog posts to help you and your church understand the impact of Covid-19.

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God and the Pandemic

Watch Revd Prof David Wilkinson in conversation with NT Wright on his new book, God and the Pandemic (SPCK Publishing). A rich exploration of the Church’s response to pandemics past and present, why lamention is an essential part of spirituality, and how Christians can better engage with science in the aftermath of Covid-19.

Academic resources

Dr Franziska Kohlt presented her research into religious narrative patterns which emerged in public responses to the Covid-19 pandemic at the University of Winchester’s ‘Pandemic Theology’ conference in June 2020.

“Since the outbreak of SARS-CoV-2, church responses have sought guidance in scripture and church history, invoking multiple framings of the novel coronavirus: punishment, a test, satanic temptation, a lesson in which isolation becomes the essence of the Passion, a war for the chosen people to fight – narratives that personify the virus in a conditional moral and spiritual framework, in which Religion has a performative role...

This paper will show productive narrative techniques in action, crystallising techniques for faith communities to enable them to communicate productively, and with confidence, in a scientific and social crisis.”

Download the paper here:

Short Answers to Big Questions

Our project leadership team have been busy answering some of the most frequently asked questions around Covid-19 and faith. Explore video topics including:

  • Is Covid-19 a punishment from God?
  • Should Christians be blaming others during Covid-19?
  • How can I maintain my faith during lockdown?
  • If all creation is ‘good’, what about the suffering we see around us in nature?
  • How do we affirm the vocation of scientists within the church?


Theological reflections

    • We spoke to seven Bishops about theological and biblical narratives that they have found helpful and unhelpful in relation to Covid-19:
  • How to pray during a pandemic – an online address from Revd Prof David Wilkinson. Watch here
  • Resilience in the face of lockdown – an online address from the Rt Revd Dr Toby Howarth, Bishop of Bradford. Watch here
  • ‘Following the Science’ – thoughts on Knowledge and Wisdom. A blog post from Prof Tom McLeish. Read here



ECLAS blog

  • Making Sense of Coronavirus with Reason and Faith, a seven-part series on science-engaged theology and responses to the pandemic. Read here
  • Will COVID-19 transform the Church’s relationship with science? By The Rt Revd Dr Richard Cheetham, Bishop of Kingston and ECLAS Co-Director. Read here
  • What the end of smallpox teaches us about the search for a Covid-19 vaccine. By Revd Prof David Wilkinson. Read here.
  • Clapping for Carers: What will the Church’s legacy be? By Judith Harbinson. Read here. 


External resources

Recommendations on external reading about coronavirus from the ECLAS team.

  • Social distancing as theological action, by Guerin Tueno. Ethos
  • Christianity Offers No Answers About the Coronavirus. It’s Not Supposed To, by NT Wright. Time
  • Covid-19 and death in the digital age. LSE