Confident Christian Engagement with Science

St John’s, Lindow, Cheshire

Christianity is – or should be – a confident, outward looking enterprise, underpinned by divine grace, that also views the scientific enterprise positively and creatively, as part of humanity’s calling by God our Creator.

Jodrell Bank - St Johns Lindow-1Our initial activities were intra-mural to give scientists within the congregation a voice and to enable non-scientists to appreciate their work and to encourage all to appreciate the significance of Biblical theology for science. Meet the Scientists was an introductory mid-week event with six 15-minute presentations + Q/A. We then held a geological field trip to a deep cavern in the Peak District, learning about gradual processes and the age of the earth. The controversial topic of Creation/Evolution was tacked in a debate format, with the goal of understanding that these terms are not mutually exclusive. This was followed by an in depth session on the hermeneutics of Genesis. During 2017, on consecutive weeks, the teenage youth group was addressed by 12 of our scientists speaking about their research and the impact of their faith. One 6th-former undertook work shadowing in a University laboratory and a group visited Waters Corporation R&D laboratories – to learn about their global leadership in Mass Spectrometry. A substantial group visit to a radio-astronomy centre will take place on 16/9/17.

Our extra-mural activities commenced in Autumn 2016 with an address by Dr Denis Alexander of the Faraday Institute to a large audience in a public venue. This was followed up at the same venue with: The Star of Bethlehem – Myth or Reality? Both of these presentations were professionally filmed and are now available on YouTube1, 2. A further event at this venue was held in May 2017 with David Hughes of A Rocha. From February – June 2017 we had eight open events on science and philosophy held at Costa Coffee in Wilmslow. These were popular with Church members and many outsiders. Topics ranged from artificial intelligence – with the world-leading computer scientist Steve Furber FRS – to genetics, drug-design, fine-tuning, the design argument and the laws of physics. An ecumenical day conference on science/faith will be held for Chester Diocese on November 4th, 2017. Details are available here:

Christianity & Science: Friend or Foe? – Dr Denis Alexander

A recording of Dr Denis Alexander’s talk on November 10th, 2016 at Wilmslow Guild. Part of the Scientists in Congregations project run by St John’s, Lindow.

Star of Bethlehem: Fact or Fiction? – Professor David Watts and Dr Althea Wilkinson

A recording of Professor David Watts and Dr Althea Wikinson’s talk on December 8th, 2016 at Wilmslow Guild. Part of the Scientists in Congregations project run by St John’s, Lindow.