The Sacrament of Science? Comprehending the wonder, mystery and awe of science in an Anglo-Catholic congregation – St. Thomas’ Church, Exeter, Devon

With the national and international range of the Met Office based in Exeter, we are in a unique position as a church to create a new and beneficial relationship with that scientific community.  Our challenge at St Thomas’s – a traditional Anglican parish – is how to relate the world and thinking of the parish (theological, liturgical, cultural) with that of the scientific community around it.  How can we cultivate a richer and deeper engagement between science and faith?

One way forward is to explore the relationship between science and sacrament.  Can we can develop some congruence between scientific thinking and the parish’s own philosophy/theology? What are points of tension and challenge between these two concepts?  Here we will build on connections provided by a parish lay leader who works at the Met Office.

This is stage one. We will use this process as a springboard for work with two other scientific locations in the university and health service.