“The Sky’s the Limit!” – Ely Cathedral Science Festival 2019

A spectacular science event to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing and explore what the future holds for humanity.  Lift up your eyes and experience the Museum of the Moon, a 7-metre diameter lunar replica hovering above the Cathedral’s nave. Come and explore the wonders of space through themed activity nights, an interactive ‘space’ exhibition, talks by leading experts including the Astronomer Royal, plus movies, art, music and an extensive schools programme.

The aim of the festival is to consider where science is taking us, exploring human futures and possibilities, with a focus on Space Exploration, Robotics, Future Technologies and Artificial Intelligence. In this 50th Anniversary year of the Moon landings, and with space programmes around the world gaining momentum (Horizon Probe, China Moon Mission, Space X), we are pleased to be working in partnership with the Institute of Astronomy at the University of Cambridge and the National Space Centre. We are passionate about encouraging Christians and non-Christians alike to ask the big questions and the canvas of ‘The Sky’s the Limit!’ Science Festival gives everyone an opportunity to think about the questions that we face as a human race. We believe the festival will also bring into relief more challenging questions about our use of technology, our care for the environment, our use of resources and how we navigate an increasingly digital and technological economy whilst being mindful of those most in need.