Water of Life: Our Faith and a Changing Climate 

Picture6Water of Life is focused on the River Holme that runs into the River Colne near Huddersfield. The focus on the river provides many opportunities for people of faith to consider interaction with God’s creation, the world. Recognising that Our Lord is as much a part of the earth as of heaven, it is incumbent on us to ensure that it is looked after. With a changing climate and ever increasing demands for human use, natural water systems are under pressure and in turn can be seen as a threat to human welfare. Shortages of water, flooding and pollution are all potential hazards that we need to be aware of and at the same time plan to manage. Water of Life has taken a twin-track approach to equipping Christians in local congregations with a clearer understanding of the River Holme and how the River may behave in the future and at the same time bringing an understanding of what the Bible tells us about water and life. By bringing these tracks together, starting with a conference at the University of Huddersfield in March 2017, local congregations have begun to see how their place as people of faith within the world is supported by God’s love and that we can be optimistic about the future despite what appear to be threats and challenges ahead. Water of Life has so far explored what the congregations feel and understand about these issues and defined what they need to be stronger in faith and advocates for God’s word in the world. Materials from the various activities are available on the St Mary’s and St George’s website [http://hwbparish.org.uk/], including a sermon series on water and the Bible; a Water of Life hymn and minutes of the various meetings. Prayers and details of a riverside prayer walk will also be available shortly.