Centre for Church Growth Research

The  Centre for Church Growth Research (CCGR) aims to produce high quality research on church growth in Britain and internationally. It is run by a team from Cranmer Hall, an Anglican theological college which is part of St John’s College, Durham. The centre researches church growth across all Christian churches and, whilst its primary focus is the UK, it explores the international dimensions of church growth.

Justin Welby,  the Archbishop of Canterbury, says this of the work of researching church growth:

“Recognising where church growth is happening, renewing our faith in God who adds to our numbers day by day, and learning what authentically Christian growth looks like are all sharp necessities for Christians today. The team involved in this conference have done ground-breaking work and it will be very worth the commitment to attend.”

Above: Plenary session of our conference Towards a Theology of Church Growth, held at St John’s College, Durham (12th & 13th September 2013).