About Collingwood College JCR

Collingwood College Junior Common Room (JCR) is a democratic 'Student Union' run entirely by students for students. All undergraduates at Collingwood are members of the JCR and able to vote on all issues, use all of the JCR facilities and get involved in the broad range of sports teams and societies that are found at Collingwood.

More than a building: a community 


The JCR is also the name of the student common room that is the main social hub of college. This includes the Stag's Head bar, Wood 'n' Spoon Coffee Shop, Woodstock Shop and Wood ‘n’ Muscles Gym all of which are all student run as well as the excellent Pizza Shop. The JCR is taken over at frequent points over the year as part of the busy social calendar that is organised by the Social Secretary, including bops (student nights in college) and Collingwood Day, an annual event where the whole of Collingwood celebrates the end of exams with a day full of DJs, bands, comedy shows and acoustic sets held all over college. As all of these facilities are student run any member of the JCR can apply to work on any of them as well as get involved in their management.


Running Collingwood JCR

To ensure that all of areas of the JCR run smoothly and according to the JCR constitution students are elected to different positions that cover all areas of college life.

  • Collingwood Executive Committee
  • Collingwood Steering Committee
  • Collingwood JCR Officers
  • Collingwood JCR Societies and Clubs
  • Another role of the JCR is to fund and aid all affiliated societies and sports team. The JCR has a very active arts society who put on a number of shows through out the year as well as open mic nights and photography and poetry competitions.

    The exec is supported by JCR officers who have more specific roles and skills and includes such positions as arts officers and the keeper of the college oil can. All positions are held for one year and students are elected to these positions at one of the JCR meetings which are open to all students and occur three times a term. The meetings and elections are controlled by the JCR chair and JCR secretary who make up the steering committee.

    The major decision making is carried out by the executive committee, which contains thirteen members who meet once a week.