Rugby Football Club


College rugby is an unmissable opportunity to continue, or begin, playing the sport at a high standard, without having to commit to the hours of training university sport demands. 

Collingwood has traditionally been one of the strongest colleges competing in college rugby. Last year we reached the floodlit final and finished in a respectable position in the Premiership.

We also strive to put out a second XV each week, which competes in Division One of the college league, offering students a more relaxed level of rugby playing.  Many of these players begin with little or no experience, but will go on to play 1st team rugby in their 2nd or final years in college.

There are also notable ‘social' players, whose absence from the training ground is compensated only by their determination to attend every social. These are held two or three times a term and are a great opportunity to get to know your new team mates better, dress up like fools and get suitably merry.

Everyone will get a chance to play at their desired level during their time at Durham, and many people partake in other sports on top of rugby.

So whether you're looking to become a member of the sporting elite, just after a bit of a run out now and then, or simply keen for a few pints with the lads after games, CCRFC will welcome you with open, albeit muddy arms.

Luke Stockton