Before you arrive FAQs

You probably have loads of questions about coming to Collingwood- The Frep team are here to help! The easiest way to ask a question is join our facebook group - Collingwood Freshers 2013/14 - or check out the info below!


What do I need to have sent in and done before I arrive?

To be updated shortly - Check out: for the latest information

When do we have to be there?

Aim to arrive by the afternoon of Sunday 29th September. There will be lots of signs and lots of freps ready to welcome you and unload your car- you won't miss us!

What is going to happen in Freshers week?

Join out Facebook group - Collingwood Freshers 2013/14 - for all the latest info and the big reveal of our theme for Freshers' Week 2013.

It is going to be an incredible week - at Collingwood, we don't do things by halves.

When do I find out my room?

You probably won't find out your room number until your arrival. Those who are sharing however will be informed personally and given contact details of who they are sharing with. 

How can I contact others doing my subject before I arrive?

Join the facebook group and see some of the posts and comments from about subjects. Alternatively you might have a fresher parent contact you who does your subject.

Who and what are my Fresher Parents?

Check out this link for an explanation of Fresher Parents. You will be assigned to parents over the next couple of weeks so hopefully will try to get in contact with you before your arrival. Please don't worry if they haven't been in contact before you get here, there will be a meet the parents event after Freshers' Week

Who can I go to if I am really worried, feeling sick, feeling homesick or just need someone to talk to?

Collingwood Welfare are here for you. You'll see us in freshers week, mainly at the info point or in the welfare office. Harry, Emily and the rest of the committee are available for a chat or to discuss any worries and concerns.

What clubs and societies can I join at Collingwood?

There is so much to choose from - come to Collingwood's Freshers' Fair and take your pick!

Any other questions: however big or small!

 Have a browse of this website or check out for more information.

  • Ask on the facebook group - Collingwood Freshers 2013/14
  • Tweet us - @WoodFreshers
  • Ask a frep by facebook email by finding them on the group
  • Ask your fresher parents
  • Ask Sally (Senior Frep) or James (President) - they love getting emails