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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of students responsible for the overall running and direction of the JCR. The committee consists of representatives covering many areas of JCR life. They hold weekly meetings that are open to all members of the JCR. The minutes to these meetings can be found in the JCR Documents section.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee consists of the JCR Chair and the JCR Secretary. They are responsible for the smooth running of the JCR and execution of the Constitution and Standing Orders.

Finance Committee

Finance Committee are in charge of all financial transactions that occur through the JCR, because Collingwood is a larger college this often involves quite a lot of money. Finance Committee meets every few weeks to approve budgets for JCR events, discuss investments which might be profitable to the JCR and also ultimately decide the JCRs charity contribution. The committee is chaired by the JCR Treasurer.

Welfare Committee

The Welfare Committee is the student led support system within college. Headed by the Male and Female Welfare Officers, the primary purpose of this committee is to be a point of contact for any student having personal issues they need help with. Welfare run drop-ins every day of the week, meaning there is always someone to talk to. Welfare are also in charge of many campaigns within college, raising awareness about many issues including mental health, sexual health, LGBT rights etc.

ENTs Committee

ENTs Committee is one of Collingwood’s biggest committees and are responsible for the creating and running of all social events in college from Formals and Mega-Formals to Newcastle Nights. This is definitely the most creative committee that Collingwood has to offer.

Societies Committee

The Societies Committee is in charge of the overall development of extracurricular arts within Collingwood. It is chaired by the Societies Officer, who works closely with the various societies we have in Collingwood. The committee is also responsible for putting on the annual Societies Ball – an evening dedicated to the celebration of the societies in Collingwood for all those involved.

International Committee

The International Committee is responsible for providing support for international students throughout their time at Collingwood. It is headed by the International Students’ Officer(s).

DUCK Committee

Collingwood DUCK is the local faction of Durham University Charities Kommittee. DUCK committee is led by the DUCK Officers who are elected at the end of each year and are responsible for the organisation of all charity and fund-raising events within college. Examples of things the DUCK Committee have done are the introduction of a specialist DUCK cocktail in the bar, the Mr Collingwood competition, Collingwood’s Got Talent and many more. They are also responsible for the promotion of centralised DUCK events such as Rag Raids, International expeditions, jailbreak (getting as far from Durham prison as you can in 48 hours without spending money) and the infamous duck race on the river!

Coffee Shop Committee

The Coffee Shop Committee consists of employees of the JCR coffee shop – the Wood ‘n’ Spoon. They manage the day to day operation of the coffee shop, and make sure that there is always a great selection of toasties available! The Coffee Shop Committee is chaired by the Head Barista.

Shop Committee

The Shop Committee consists of employees of the college shop – the Woodstock Shop – that help to run the shop on a day-to-day basis, as well as sorting out any post that is delivered to college. Headed by the Shop Manager, the shop is opening every day for you to collect parcels, stock up on essentials, or just to enjoy a snack!

Bar Committee

Bar Committee consists of the employees of the college bar that help with the day to day running and also help to week it a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. Headed by our sabbatical, the bar is also always ordering in new products, running bar events, hosting sports fixtures on its projector screen as well as being heavily involved in Collingwood Day.

Technical Crew

The Technical Crew are responsible for the entire Tech at college events, everything from lighting for musicals to Bops after formals and open mic nights. They also purchase new equipment on behalf of the JCR to ensure that our events become more flashy with each year. Tech are paid for their services. Tech equipment can be hired by student organisations for events in Durham through the hires website here

Freshers’ Committee

The Fresher Rep (Frep) Team are responsible for welcoming incoming freshers to the Collingwood community and is the most over-subscribed committee. They assist in the set up and running of freshers week which is no mean feat, as well as being assigned around 10 freshers to look after over the next year. Being a frep is a lot of work but incredibly rewarding and also a lot of fun.

Open Day Committee

The Open Day Committee is responsible for the creation and running of events for those who stay overnight on the post application open day. We highly recommend you attend this if you are thinking about coming to Durham so we can show you exactly what we have to offer. This night usually consists of in college events and activities such as quizzes, open mic nights and a silent disco. They make sure that every student gets to their department the next morning as well as filling them in on what life in Durham is like.

Environment Committee

The Environment Committee is responsible for liaising with the university-wide Sustainable Living Group to oversee the environmental impact of the college, and to communicate environmental issues to the JCR. It is chaired by the Environment and Ethics Officer.

Collingwood Day Committee

Collingwood Day Committee is involved in the creative and operational process of putting on what could be considered the largest event in the Collingwood calendar. They help decide the theme and are responsible for the various activities that go on throughout the day.

Summer Ball Committee

Summer Ball Committee are responsible for Collingwood’s second biggest ball. They are there to support the Events Manager and assist in the creative process of deciding the theme, colour scheme etc. as well as assisting in the operational side of the event.

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