The Collingwood College Junior Common Room is more than just a place, it is also a democratic "student union" whose members are the undergraduate and postgraduate students of College.

You can view information about how the JCR is run and also view contact details for the JCR's officers. 

  • Clubs & Societies  ( 28 items )

    Collingwood has a number of sports clubs and teams. As you can see below, there is SO much choice!! And if you can't find what you are looking for, you can very easily start your own club! Clubs can apply for money from the JCR finance committee for capital expenditure, e.g. the purchase of new balls.

    Collingwood also has a number of societies covering a wide range of interests. Affiliated societies can apply for money from the JCR finance committee for capital expenditure. You might also like to consult details on the university wide societies.

    You can also view a list of club captains and their contact details.
    You can see details about university sport and intercollegiate events on the Team Durham website.

    Please note that there are many clubs and societies at Collingwood, and only some of the clubs and societies are currently represented below. The others are still working on their segments here and may (or may not) appear soon. We hold a collingwood Freshers' Fair on top of the DSU freshers' fair during freshers week, and this is the best way to meet all the different societies and teams and sign up.

  • JCR Committees  ( 26 items )

    To help the JCR operate smoothly, there are a number of committees which run different areas of the JCR. The committees meet  regularly (the frequency of meetings depending on the committee) to discuss issues in that area.

    Please note that there are many committees at Collingwood, most of which are not represented here. Other committee chairs are still writing their segments, which may (or may not) appear here soon.

  • Finances  ( 3 items )

    Here are links and documents related to the JCR's Finances