JCR Committees

To help the JCR operate smoothly, there are a number of committees which run different areas of the JCR. The committees meet  regularly (the frequency of meetings depending on the committee) to discuss issues in that area.

Please note that there are many committees at Collingwood, most of which are not represented here. Other committee chairs are still writing their segments, which may (or may not) appear here soon.

Arts Committee
Bar Committee
Catering Committee
Coffee Shop Committee
Collingwood Day Committee
Council Representative Committee
DSU Committee
DUCK Committee
Ents Committee
Environment Committee
Executive Committee
Finance Committee
Freshers Committee
Handbook Committee
Livers Out Kommittee
Non-Executive Committee
Refurbishment Committee
Shop Committee
Sports Committee
Steering Committee
Summer Ball Committee
Supervisory Bar Representative Committee
Tech Crew
Teikyo Committee
Web Committee
Welfare Committee
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