Collingwood Choir Society


 Collingwood Choir creates a fantastic opportunity for you to sing in a relaxed but impassioned environment. The Choir sings arrangements such as 'Defying Gravity' (Wicked), 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love' (Queen) and 'Don't Worry, Be Happy'. In addition to these light-hearted works, there are also a number of more serious, classical pieces for the budding musicians. It is one of Durham's few non-auditioning choirs; everyone is welcome, just come along to the rehearsals and get involved. Singing should be pleasurable and at Collingwood it is!

We're very lucky to have dedicated members running the society, playing the piano, and thinking up some pretty wacky routines to get everyone warmed up.
The choir looks forward to many new members this year. Bass or soprano, loud or shy, so long as you want to have fun singing, please give us a try.


Not available at present.