Welcome to Durham University Student Volunteering and Outreach (DUSVO), the home of student volunteering at Durham University! 

We are proud to be a student-led, community-focused organisation. Established in 1989, we aim to support the local community, and offer a unique volunteering experience to all Durham students. It's easy to get involved, whether participating in a project as a volunteer, taking on more responsibility as a Project Leader or standing for election to the Exec. We have over 50 projects to chose from as well as range of one off opportunities and fundraising events. Our projects have developed based upon the need and requests of the community and the passions and interests of our students.

Overseen by a student executive committee working alongside permanent staff and based in the Palatine Centre, DUSVO has long been at the centre of the Durham student experience.

Our annual Durham University Volunteering Awards ceremony recognises and celebrates the commitment made by Durham University volunteers to the local community and students are also recognised for their volunteering effort with the DUSVO Volunteering certificates. Volunteering is a recognised contribution towards achieving the Durham Inspired Award and our volunteers also have the opportunity to enter into the Leadership programme.

You can look at all the projects that we have to offer and send us an email if you have any queries.