Upcoming Concerts

Epiphany Concert: Wonderful World

Wonderful World concert poster

Castle Great Hall

Tickets: £4.50/£5/£6

Join Durham University Concert Band in the atmospheric Great Hall of Durham Castle for our Epiphany Term Concert! The theme of the evening is ‘Wonderful World’, and with a range of music including Vaughan Williams’ Folk Song Suite, Holst’s Mars, music from Jurassic Park, the Wizard of Oz, Gershwin’s Summertime, and more, we guarantee this will be an evening for everyone!

Our Exec


President photo

Cécile Armitage

Hello, I’m Cécile, a third-year law student and President of DUCB! My role is to ensure everything runs smoothly, so that all our members can have a truly memorable experience. Concert Band has grown from strength to strength, with a record number of members last year, we achieved a Gold Award at NCBF, sold out the Town Hall in our joint-Christmas Concert, and ended the year with our lockdown performance of Go West! From socially distanced rehearsals and online socials, to termly concerts and going on tour with Brass Band, we’ve got many exciting plans underway. I can’t wait to see you getting involved, whether that be in-person or virtually!


Treasurer photo

Grace Callaghan

Hey! I’m Grace and, as well as playing flute in band, I am the DUCB treasurer this year. I’m mainly here to make sure the finances run smoothly, apply for grants and help with band decisions. I’d say my role also extends to welcoming new people and ensuring current members have the best experience possible. Any questions or suggestions at all just ask, I’m always happy to help. 😊


Secretary photo

Helena Kverneland

Hi, I’m Helena, a third year English literature student at Hild Bede and I am the secretary for DUCB this year. My role involves sending out the weekly emails, taking the minutes at exec meetings, and helping out with general tasks such as room bookings.

Publicity Officers

Publicity Officer photo

Rosie Cooper

Hi, I’m Rosie, a third year Liberal Arts student at Van Mildert. I’m on a year abroad this year, but I’ve enjoyed Concert Band so much during the last two years that I wanted to stay involved! I share the role of publicity with Barnaby, meaning I do things like design concert posters and run our social media. I’ll see you at a virtual social if not in person!

Publicity Officer photo

Barnaby Collins

I'm Barnaby, currently in my third year doing Computer Science at Cuth's, and I play bass clarinet! Between us, Rosie and I handle publicity, meaning we're responsible for designing and putting up all of DUCB's promotional materials, whether online or in person. Since Rosie is abroad this year I'm going to be handling in-person jobs like attending exec meetings and putting up posters around the campus!


Librarian photo

Emily Price

Hi, I'm Emily, a 3rd year Geography student at Grey, and I am the librarian for the band this year. I ensure the correct music is in the folders and am responsible for sending music to other university bands which are part of the SWOP scheme.

Concert Manager

Concert manager photo

Matthew Clough

I'm Matt, this year's concert manager! I'm in touch with venues to organise the concerts and on the day I'll be making sure everything goes to plan and everyone knows where they're meant to be. Besides concert band I do a lot of cycling and running and I love playing sax in the Mildert HUGE band 🎷 just don't mention Corona 😕


Conductor photo

Douglas Brown

Hi, I'm Douglas, a fourth year physics student from Trevs, and I'm one of the band's conductors this year. Between us, Alex and I choose the music and run rehearsals with the goal of producing some fantastic concerts and generally making Concert Band a fun place to be! Things might be a little different to usual this year but whether you'll be playing or applauding, I hope you enjoy Concert Band!

Conductor photo

Alex Peters

Hi! I’m Alex, a second year engineering student at Chad’s college. This year I’m one of the conductors for DUCB which means I’ll be helping to choose music and run rehearsals. When I’m not waving my arms around, you’ll find me hitting stuff in the percussion section!

DUCB's History

When Peter came to Durham in 1976 he was keen to join the university orchestra as an oboist. Unfortunately there were twelve oboists auditioning that year, including some studying music, so he was without a group to play in for the first time in quite a few years. At the start of his second year, Peter got in touch with one of his neighbours in Hatfield College, a clarinettist called Steve who practiced regularly, and the two of them started a band. They began finding others by various means, including a drummer (Tom) from Castle and a trombonist (Nick) from Collingwood and were able to start practising as a group. Peter got some music from his old school and they scrounged a little money from somewhere and bought a few marches and bits. Very democratically, Peter became conductor and Steve 1st clarinet!

There were no auditions for new members; anyone could join. They practised in the rooms opposite the Library on Palace Green.

Steve and Peter discussed a name for their band. The format of the group was really a military band, but Durham University Military Band (DUMB) didn't seem to be quite right, so they settled for Concert Band instead. In June 1978 they performed on Palace Green one afternoon for the first time.

In 1978/9 they were able to have a stand for the Freshers' Fair and gained quite a few members. In Peter’s final summer they used Castle's Hall for their first proper concert and had fun on Palace Green again. To try to ensure that the band continued, they attached themselves to the Music Society and appointed an assistant conductor to take over from Peter for the following year; his name was Eric.

Since the founding group left, Durham University Concert Band has continued to grow and flourish and we are proud of all we have achieved and continue to achieve to this day.