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‘Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind…’  Romans 12:2

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Cranmer Hall, St John’s College,

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Family life: a home away from home…

Our emphasis in sharing life as community finds one of its richest expressions in the families that come to live here.

We are very aware of how difficult adjusting and settling into a new home can be. We have good accommodation for families in close proximity to each other in order to develop relationships and support from day one. Durham is surrounded by schools which are nationally recognised and there is an array of good preschool/nursery provision in the city for young families.


SPICE is a student-run group for those married to ordinands and it is a great group to which to belong. Here you will find friendship, support, fun and fellowship. The group exists to support spouses as they work out the implications of their partners’ call to ordained ministry. SPICE does not exist to promote a ‘line’ on how marriage and ministry should be held together, but rather to help people in their own exploration. It liaises with the college to make it more user friendly.

It helps organise events where issues of adjustment to college or parish work  can be explored and supports various initiatives in which partners can learn together.

We recognise that there are lots of different ways of being single (never married – either by choice or circumstance, divorced, widowed, single with children, single without children). Given this we are keen not to make assumptions about single people, but to listen and grown in shared understanding together.

Being single in ministry brings its own particular opportunities, joys and demands. We want all our single students to flourish in training and in ministry. To help support that aim we run a group for single people training for ordained ministry. We meet each term for opportunity to relax together and create safe space in which to explore key issues related to ministry and the single life.

The group is purely optional, and has proved to be an excellent environment for friendship to flourish and for mutual understanding to develop.

This group has an annual away day which usually combines space to walk, read, relax, talk and eat together. Since its inception three years ago, this group has been marked by honesty and laughter.

Spouses and Cranmer courses

Spouses of students and staff are welcome to participate in the learning opportunities at Cranmer Hall. You can do this in two ways:

  • Join in individual modules without charge by auditing them (participating in the class but not doing the assessment).
  • Study for one of the courses we offer. At undergraduate level, there is the Certificate (1 year full time), the Diploma (2 years full time) or the Degree (2 or 3 years full-time, depending on previous qualifications) in Theology, Ministry and Mission. At postgraduate level, we have a Postgraduate Certificate, Diploma, or MA in Theology, Ministry and Mission. All courses can be studied part- or full-time. Generous bursaries are available for both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, on application.

Moving to Cranmer with my family was, for me, the best way to train. The family were made very welcome and quickly settled into community life, enjoying meals and social times with students and other families. Living away from the rest of the community (in Oswald Court 5 minutes from college) did not make us feel left out, in fact it meant we had space of our own and all the benefits of community life as well.”
The Revd Shanthi Thompson, Cranmer Hall 2007-2009

We managed to get all four of our boys into our choosen schools.  The teaching staff at both schools were especially helpful in those early days, in trying to settle and integrate the boys into school life; the eldest two, in particular, flourished during their time at Durham.  There’s always going to be difficult days when you move your children to a new school, but from our experience, the schools, and Cranmer staff and students all played a part in making it that bit easier.”
The Revd Paula Pye, Cranmer Hall 2007-2009

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