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‘And this is my prayer: that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight’  Philippians 1:19

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Cranmer Hall, St John’s College,

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Context Based and Pioneer Ministry

A shared calling. A shared learning. A shared living.
Cranmer Hall is committed to serving the needs of the whole church in worship and mission. Mission, rooted in a deep life of prayer, is at the heart of all that we do.

As an evangelical college we have a particular concern for communicating the Gospel in ways that are relevant to people living in a digital age. In addition Cranmer has had a long commitment to justice issues, and engagement with these shape much of our shared life and training programmes.

The mission module at Cranmer Hall is designed to provide you with the theoretical and practical tools that will equip you to engage in effective mission and evangelism in the twenty-first century.

As well as cutting edge classroom-based learning, the module contains two essential practical elements. The first is the Micro-Mission in which you will be sent out in pairs to be Good News.

The second practical component of the mission module is the Faith Sharing Weekend. This will involve you working as part of a team for a weekend of mission and outreach. Teams have worked in locations as diverse as Durham prison, Lindisfarne (Holy Island), inner-city Newcastle and the Leeds clubbing scene.

In 2017, the Faith Sharing Weekend will consist of joining with the Durham Diocese Talking Jesus mission. Teams of Cranmer students will join local teams in each deanery and work alongside an invoicing team of bishops and senior staff from other northern dioceses. Five days of events, from 2nd to 5th March, will focus on engaging in dialogue with the wider communities in Country Durham towns and villages with the aim of taking the message of Jesus outside the churches

Mission studies at Cranmer Hall will introduce you to some of the major themes in Christian mission and will prompt individual and group reflection on the nature and shape of mission in the twenty-first century. Ultimately the module is intended to resource you for engaging in faithful and coherent mission activity as a future leader in the church.

Pioneer Ministry

At Cranmer Hall we believe that faithfulness to the gospel and to the emerging culture means that all of our ordinands should be trained to engage in effective evangelism, pioneering mission initiatives and the planting of new churches.

As an ordinand at Cranmer Hall you will have the opportunity to engage in the following as part of your route through training. For ordained Pioneer Ministers (OPMs) these modules are essential.

Running across two terms, the module content focuses on Key aspects of starting, leading and sustaining fresh expressions alongside foundational aspects of pioneering.

These include contemporary culture; leadership, team-building; listening and discerning, entrepreneurship; vision and strategy and sacramental ministry in fresh expressions. There will be ample chance to investigate case studies and hear from practitioners, alongside visits to established fresh expressions.

Running across two terms, the module gives and overview of the key issues of mission and evangelism, and contains practical elements, including participation in a local micro-mission. In addition, in 2017, all students on this module will join with Talking Jesus, a weekend of missional activities when all bishops in the Northern Province will join in mission to the Diocese of Durham at the end of March, in collaboration with churches across the diocese.

During their time at Cranmer Hall, all ordinands on the pioneer track will have practical pioneering placements to gain on-the-ground experience of current pioneering initiatives. These opportunities are also open to those who are not training to be OPMs.

Once a fortnight a group meets informally to discuss a key pioneering text over lunch.