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Cranmer Hall, St John’s College,

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Motherhood, Training and Ministry

We are a college that seeks to welcome and support young families, and are passionate about enabling both women and men to combine parenthood, training and ministry, and to flourish in this.

We also recognise that there are some areas of combining parenthood and training that are specific to women, and so we have taken a number of steps to provide excellent encouragement, support and flexibility for women in training at Cranmer Hall.

In practice this means that:

  • All students coming on interview for a place to study here are welcome to bring their children with them to their interview;
  • We have a ‘Mums in Ministry’ group that provides encouragement, fellowship and space to talk about the joys and challenges of combining parenthood with ministry;
  • Through our Warden’s input into General Synod we have been instrumental in making sure that across the country, ordinands who become mothers whilst training are more aware of the options and different levels of support that they might be offered by their Dioceses;
  • If any of our ordinands take maternity leave, we will work with them beforehand to discuss ongoing pastoral care throughout their maternity leave and what keeping in touch with their learning and praying community might look like. We will also work closely with the ordinand to develop a good process for their return to training, and are committed to finding options that are flexible and based around what would work best for the ordinand and their family;
  • We welcome breastfeeding in any college space at any time and we also have a dedicated room for expressing, as well as facilities to store milk.
  • All our ordinands with families are encouraged to explore with us the type of placement church that would be good for them, with the option for them to stay in one church for the duration of their training in order for their family to lay down roots and build up fellowship in one church community.

Children are also a welcome and vital part of our community. They are invited to ‘High Tea’ at 4.30pm every Monday followed by All Age Worship at 5.15pm.

We begin every term with a faith tea and All Age Worship and spouses of ordinands and their children can eat in college four times per week.

Families are also welcome to come on our ‘Quiet Day’ in June, which is a day spent for example on Holy Island, and it is an important day in the formation of our community life.

We also have at least one session throughout the year looking at how to enable children in our families to flourish in a ministry home.

If you have any questions about combining motherhood, training and ministry, please do get in touch with our Deputy Warden, Emma Parker: cran.depwarden@durham.ac.uk

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