Vol. 1, No. 2 (Winter 2013)


  1. Endorsement - Professor Stephen Regan and Professor Corinne Saunders,
    University of Durham
  2. To Hades and Back Again: Ezra Pound and the Greeks - Kieran Corcoran, University of Cambridge
  3. 'A Fragment of Substance': Consumer, Category and Collecting in Seventeenth-Century Reading - Isabel Asquith, Hertford College, University of Oxford
  4. Trying the Trewth: N-Town's Hermeneutics of Salvation - Johannes Wolf, University College, University of Oxford
  5. Painting a Hero: Self-Awareness in Scott's Sentimental Ivanhoe - Daniel Claridge, Harvard University
  6. 'Transported by urgency to stay': Dwelling and Flight in Basil Bunting and Barry MacSweeney - Rowan Evans, University of Cambridge
  7. 'Quite a burlesque?': Jane Austen, Lord Byron and the 'Mock-Gothic' - Louis J. Fletcher, Somerville College, University of Oxford

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