The aim of the Durham English Review is to provide a platform on which undergraduates with a focus in English literature can publish their work and, if accepted for publication, receive feedback. Students throughout the world currently enrolled as undergraduates at an institute of higher education are encouraged to submit papers of between 3,000 and 8,000 words or academic book reviews of between 1,000 and 3,000 words. Presentation should conform to the style guidelines set forth in the submissions section of this journal’s website. Submitted articles will be sent to two suitably qualified members of the editorial board for review.

Whilst we anticipate that the majority of submissions will refer to primary texts written in English, the journal also welcomes submissions concerning texts commonly translated into English, and of great significance for English literature. Specifically, the journal would encourage articles that treat works in the following languages: English, Old English, Old Norse, Old French and/or Middle English. The Durham English Review will also strongly encourage submissions concerning the theory and practice of literary criticism.

This periodical aspires to the highest degree of excellence. However, we acknowledge that papers are written and submitted by undergraduates, not professional academics. Please feel free to submit a paper, and to continue to submit papers, even if you are unsure of the comparative standard of your papers internationally. All reviews should be constructive in their feedback: the journal seeks to showcase, support and nurture undergraduate talent.

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