Evidence-Based Software Engineering

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Evidence-Based Software Engineering

Welcome to the web site for Evidence-Based Software Engineering (EBSE). If you are new to this website, or wish to know more about EBSE, click here for more information.

EBSE is concerned with determining what works, when and where, in terms of software engineering practice, tools and standards. It draws its inspiration from the success of the evidence-based paradigm as employed in clinical medicine (and other disciplines), adapting the evidence-based practices to meet the rather different characteristics of Software Engineering, and the consequences that these characteristics have for empirical studies.

This web site is maintained by researchers who are interested in EBSE and its purpose is to act as a resource for members of the wider Software Engineering community. Everyone is welcome to use the material it provides, and are invited to contribute further material for use by others. The site is intended to provide material for practitioners, researchers and policy-makers, whether new to EBSE or otherwise.

Page last updated on 15 March 2012.