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Lessons from a Cross-domain Investigation of Empirical Practices

Author(s)David Budgen and Mark Turner and Stuart Charters and John Bailey and Barbara Kitchenham and Pearl Brereton
DetailsConference Proceedings: 2008

Context: We are seeking the best ways to employ evidence-based practices in software engineering research and practice.

Objectives: To help assess our guidelines for conducting systematic literature reviews we have investigated how other academic disciplines use evidence-based practices.

Method: This involved performing two studies, one using a questionnaire with a set of experts, and a second using semi-structured interviews.

Results: We have identified how disciplines with similar empirical constraints to software engineering place weight upon different forms of empirical data.

Conclusions: We describe both the resulting changes to our systematic literature review guidelines and some issues this raises for empirical software engineering.

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TopicsEmprical Practices and Evidence, Interdisciplinary

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