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Search Engine Overlaps: Do they agree or disagree?

Author(s)John Bailey and Cheng Zhang and David Budgen and Mark Turner and Stuart Charters
DetailsConference Proceedings: 2007

Context: Secondary studies, such as systematic literature reviews and mapping studies, are an essential element of the evidence-based paradigm. A critical part of the review process is the identification of all relevant research. As such, any researcher intending to conduct a secondary review should be aware of the strengths and weakness of the search engines available.

Objectives: Analyse the overlap between search engine results for software engineering studies.

Methods: Three independent studies were conducted to evaluate the overlap between multiple search engines for different search areas.

Results: The findings indicate that very little overlap was found between the search engines.

Conclusions of the study: To complete a systematic review, researchers must use multiple search terms and search engines. The lack of overlap might also be caused by inconsistent keyword selection amongst authors.

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TopicsMethodology, Secondary Study

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