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School of Engineering, University of Durham



Geo-engineering at Durham incorporates Geotechnical Engineering, Geo-Environmental Engineering and Engineering Geology. Durham University has a long history of research and teaching in Geo-Engineering. Durham was the first university in the UK to run a course in Engineering, with a programme in Civil and Mining Engineering launched in 1838.

Topics for research include: Unsaturated and Tropical Soils, Numerical modelling of tunnels and underground cavities, Land remediation, Sustainable development, Flood defences, Knowledge-based (expert) systems, Geotechnical data exchange via the World Wide Web, Computer-aided learning. Current projects include the MUSE project, a EU funded Marie Curie Research Training Network for Unsaturated Soils and the BIONICS project (Biological & Engineering Impacts of Climate Change on Slopes). This is a collaborative venture between the universities of Bristol, Dundee, Durham, Loughborough and Nottingham-Trent, coordinated by the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. It involves constructing a full-scale, instrumented soil embankment, planted with a variety of flora, with controlled heating and rainfall at its surface.


David Toll Senior Lecturer
Charles Augarde Lecturer
Karen Johnson Lecturer
Ashraf Osman Lecturer
John Wilson Lecturer
Alan Selby Emeritus Reader
Youliang Zhang Research Associate
Zulfahmi Ali Rahman Research Student
Catherine Dowding Research Student
Paul Jacquin Research Student
Dimos Koungelis Research Student
Sérgio Lourenço Research Student
João Mendes Research Student
Wojciech Solowski Research Student

Geo-engineering is part of the Mechanics Group at Durham University

If you are interested in geo-engineering research as a PhD student or a visitor at Durham, please contact any of the people listed to the left.

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