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Geotechnical Markup Language is the geotechnical engineering version of Extensible Markup Language (XML). It allows simple text files to be 'marked up' by including tags within the file. These tags can be recognised by an XML compliant web browser. GeotechML will make it possible to search all geotechnical data available on the web in a structured way (not simply by keyword). In this way the World Wide Web will become an international repository of geotechnical information, available to the whole community, avoiding the need to establish national or international geotechnical databases.

If you are using an XML compliant web browser you can view the following GeotechML files developed at Durham University:

Application The XML file Stylesheet file XML file viewed with stylesheet Application for viewing XML*
Slopes vangharad.xml SlopeSML.xsl vangharad.xml with stylesheet Case History Inventory
Ground investigation (borehole) data Boreholes.xml Boreholelogs.xsl Boreholes.xml with stylesheet Java application for graphical display
A simple dam Dam.xml - - Java application for graphical display
A raft foundation RaftFoundation.xml - - Java application for graphical display
Retaining Walls DiaphragmWall.xml




RetainingWall.xsl DiaphragmWall.xml with stylesheet
GabionWall.xml with stylesheet
CribWall.xml with stylesheet
GravityWall.xml with stylesheet
PileWall.xml with stylesheet
These applications currently have errors if run with Java version 2 - should be fixed soon!


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