Text Box: JTC2
Joint Technical Committee 2 
of the Federation of International Geo-Engineering Societies (FedIGS)

Representation of Geo-Engineering Data in Electronic Form

Terms of Reference


1. To oversee the development of internationally agreed forms of representation of geo-engineering data that can be used to store such data on the World Wide Web and transfer data between computer systems. The data representation scheme will address:


a. Ground investigation (“borehole”) data

b. Commonly-used laboratory test data

c. Commonly-used insitu test data

d. Data about geotechnical entities such as foundations, retaining structures, dams and embankments


2. To maintain webpages disseminating information about data representation schemes

3. To promote the exchange of information about electronic representation and transfer of geo-engineering data

4. To promote sessions on electronic data representation at international and regional conferences on geo-engineering, and to support special geo- engineering conferences related to this field