About the MCR

Grey MCR is for postgraduates, mature or 4th year undergraduates, whether they live in or out of college. MCR membership is free to any member of the Grey College JCR, which has a £55 membership fee. If you choose to join the MCR, around 1/3rd of your JCR fee goes to the MCR, so we can organise MCR exclusive events and facilities.

One of the main benefits of MCR membership is access to the MCR common room, which acts as the social hub for all members living in or out of college. Along with being a great place to just hang out and chat with friends, the common room also offers:

  • Free tea/coffee/squash and biscuits
  • A projector and surround sound system with smart music intergration
  • DVD player, Xbox 360, and live TV
  • A large DVD and games library
  • A stereo
  • A fridge
  • Fully equipped study spaces

MCR members also get the chance to attend events such as:

  • Formal meals with other MCRs
  • Socials - e.g. film and takeaway nights, cheese and wine evenings, and much more
  • MCR meals out

The MCR common room is always busy, so whether you live in or out, we'd love to see you drop by!

The Grey MCR