The Grey College MCR standing orders were ratified by a majority vote in October 2017.

The MCR Standing Orders
The MCR Code of Conduct (Appendix A)
A description of Single Transferable Voting (STV) (Appendix B)
MCR Financial Policy (Appendix C)

Meeting Minutes


19th November 2018: Exec Meeting

6th November 2018: Emergency General Meeting with Social Secretary Manifestos

30th October 2018: Exec Meeting

17th October 2018: Annual General Meeting | AGM Documents


29th April 2018: Exec Meeting

12th March 2018: Exec Meeting

24th January 2018: Exec Meeting

6th November 2017: Exec Meeting

19th October 2017: Annual General Meeting | AGM Documents


24th August 2017: Exec Meeting

14th June 2017: Ordinary General Meeting | MCR Referendum Information

1st May 2017: Exec Meeting

15th February 2017: Exec Meeting

15th December 2016: Exec Meeting

8th November 2016: Exec Meeting

21st October 2016: Annual General Meeting | AGM Documents


18th October 2016: Exec Meeting

2nd June 2016: Exec Meeting | Constitutional Review Motion

15th March 2016: Exec Meeting

21st January 2016: Exec Meeting

1st December 2015: Ordinary General Meeting | Social Secretary Manifesto

24th November 2015: Exec Meeting

4th November 2015: Exec Meeting

22nd October 2015: Annual General Meeting | Election Manifestos


5th May 2015: Exec Meeting

8th March 2015: Ordinary General Meeting

12th February 2015: Exec Meeting

25th January 2015: Ordinary General Meeting (including JCR merger discussion)

19th November 2014: Exec Meeting

22nd October 2014: Exec Meeting

5th October 2014: Annual General Meeting


20th June 2014: Ordinary General Meeting

25th May 2014: Exec Meeting

2nd May 2014: Exec Meeting

26th March 2014: Exec Meeting

12th February 2014: Exec Meeting

22nd January 2014: Exec Meeting

10th November 2013: Exec Meeting

20th October 2013: Exec Meeting


27th August 2013: Exec Meeting

21st June 2013: Ordinary General Meeting

18th June 2013: Ordinary General Meeting

3rd June 2013: Exec Meeting

25th February 2013: Exec Meeting

4th February 2013: Exec Meeting

21st January 2013: Exec Meeting

6th December 2012: Exec Meeting

26th November 2012: Exec Meeting

12th November 2012: Exec Meeting

5th November 2012: Exec Meeting


16th October 2011: AGM Agenda | AGM


19th July 2011: Accounts 2010-2011

6th March 2011: Agenda | Exec Meeting

20th February 2011: Exec Agenda | OGM Agenda | Exec Meeting

1st February 2011: Agenda | Exec Meeting

11th November 2010: Exec Meeting

24th October 2010: AGM Agenda | Annual General Meeting


7th February 2010: Exec Meeting


6th November 2008: Exec Meeting

25th October 2008: Annual General Meeting

16th October 2008: Exec Meeting


28th January 2008: Exec Meeting

17th January 2008: Exec Meeting

25th October 2007: Exec Meeting


15th October 2006: Agenda | Ordinary General Meeting | Accounts 05-06 | Accounts 06-07


6th June 2006: Ordinary General Meeting

12th February 2006: Ordinary General Meeting

20th October 2005: Agenda | Annual General Meeting

Appendix A: Presidents Annual Report
Appendix B: Accounts 04-05
Appendix C: Accounts 05-06


8th December 2004: Agenda

16th October 2004: Agenda | Inaugural General Meeting | Election Results

29th September 2004: Agenda | Fourth Meeting of the MCR Acting Exec

6th September 2004: Third Meeting of the MCR Acting Exec, other members and the JCR President and Vice President.

2nd August 2004: Second Meeting of the MCR Acting Exec

23rd June 2004: First Meeting of the MCR Acting Exec

Common Room Furnishing and Security Proposals

1st September 2004:
Ammended Proposal from various sources
Proposal put to the Master and actioned

6th August 2004:
Door Security Quote from G2 Integrated Solutions
Disregarded due to expense

23rd June 2004:
Initial Proposal from "Knightsbridge Furniture"
Disregarded due to expense