Picture of Nathan Hall
President: Nathan Hall
Hey everyone! I'm Nathan and I have the absolute pleasure of leading the MCR this year as its President. I'm very happy to be leading an incredible exec with a wide range of ideas and skills.I did my undergrad at Grey in Philosophy and Politics and now I do a Master's in Data Science (rogue, I know). I'm originally from Manchester and in my spare time you'll find me out cycling, though I'm also a keen archer (still yet to master both at the same time though).As president, I'm ultimately in charge of making sure all of your voices are heard and the MCR continues to function as it should, as well as putting on some amazing events for you all. We've got some exciting plans in place for next term, so keep an eye out.I'm always open to suggestions, queries, comments, or complaints and the best way to get in contact with me is either through Facebook or the MCR pres email at:

Picture of Tom Wilkinson
Vice President: Tom Wilkinson
Hey Grey! I’m Tom, a Geography PGCE student, and I’ll be your Vice-President for the year.I completed my undergrad in physical geography at Grey and am a very proud local.As your Vice-President, I’ll be supporting the MCR exec in any way I can while also keeping our President in check (@nathan hall 👀). I’ll be working on getting some events planned too, so we can have a much better 2021 together!

Picture of Jay Snow
Treasurer: Jay Snow
Hey Grey! I’m Jay and this year I will be your treasurer. A little about me: I am a masters student on the MSc Management Finance pathway, and I completed my undergraduate degree at Grey this summer. I am also a pretty big Welsh rugby fan and so if you ever see a “wee lad with a flag” it’s probably me. 🏴My job this year is to manage the MCR account and oversee spending operations. In other words, my job is to ensure that the money we have is used properly. This role will therefore include participating in financial decision making, calculating budgets and spending plans, and liason with the JCR Facso who is about to become my new best friend (sorry Will Morrice ).I’m hugely excited for the coming year and look forward to putting the MCR funds to good use. There is money in the kitty, so get ready for next term when we can finally get a chance to spend it 😍🙏

Picture of Jess Woods
Secretary: Jess Woods
Hey Grey! I’m Jess, an MSc marketing student and I’m your secretary this year! I’m brand new to Grey and Durham this year, having studied psychology in York for my undergrad, and I can’t wait to discover Durham properly when it opens again! My role in the MCR exec involves mainly creating agendas and taking minutes for meetings, circulating election results, general correspondence, and most excitingly the STASH ORDER (which will be coming next term)! I’ll also be a representative of the MCR and will try, alongside the rest of the team, to create a fun and exclusive year where we can (hopefully!) all meet and socialise very soon. It’s going to be a great year and I’m excited to be part of the team and to get to know the whole grey MCR as soon as possible 🥳

Picture of Unfilled / Occupied by President
Welfare Officer: Unfilled / Occupied by President

Picture of Unfilled
Social Secretary: Unfilled

Picture of Unfilled
Social Secretary: Unfilled


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Web Editor: Unfilled

Picture of George Woodward
4th Year Rep: George Woodward
Hey Grey! My name is George, I'm a 4th year bioscientist with a penchant for plants, and this year I am your 4th year representative! My role in the exec is to ensure that 4th years can feel represented, and get to be involved as much as possible, within the MCR. 4th year students are as important to the MCR as its postgrad members, and there is a lot to get out of it as a member. I will be here to keep you in the loop as to what is going off in the MCR, and will represent your voices in MCR exec meetings so our cohort can be heard if any qualms or queries arise. Don't be afraid to reach out if you want to have something brought up regarding the MCR and what you'd like it to do for you whilst you are a member (if you are not a member, go ahead and sign up, it comes to no extra cost on your JCR membership!).


  • Postgraduate Mentor: Victor So
  • JCR President: Samantha Dornan
  • JCR Representatives Officer: Unfilled
  • JCR Mature Students' Rep: Unfilled

A list of previous MCR committees can be found here.