Picture of Brad Berwin
President: Brad Berwin
Brad is a Masters Research student in Philosophy. He enjoys playing tennis, watching movies and hanging out with friends. As MCR President, Brad hopes to create an inclusive environment for all of our MCR members to enjoy this year!

Picture of Marcus Lancashire
Vice President: Marcus Lancashire
Marcus is a 4th year Chemistry PhD student and the current holder of the dubious award for ‘student who has been at Grey the longest (7 years…)’. When not in the lab putting off writing up, he can be found playing video games in the MCR, purchasing toasties he doesn’t need at the Toastie Bar or writing postgrad symposium talks about dinosaurs. As MCR Vice President, Marcus hopes that he can help maintain and shape this wonderful community and ensure that everyone gets as much out of the MCR as he does.

Picture of Phion Chow
Treasurer: Phion Chow
Treasurer Phion is a MSc student in New and Renewable Energy. She wants y’all to get as much out of the MCR as she does. When she is not playing polo in Yorkshire or at the maiden castle or rowing on the river, she can be found procrastinating in the Engineering block or chilling in the MCR or around Grey College. Anyways, as MCR Treasurer, Phion hopes she can maintain and support the grey mcr community by making sure there’re always tea and biscuits!

Picture of Charlie Marsh
Secretary: Charlie Marsh
Alright bambinos, this is Charlie, he’s usually wearing brighter clothes to be honest. Anyway, he’s your NEW (wow) and IMPROVED(?!) Friendly Neighbourhood Secretary (yeh, idk who voted for him either) and just loves all things to do with Secretarying, like re, and tarying (he doesn’t really like sec though). We think Charlie is alright, okay, alright, alright, okay (Macklemore et al., 2013). Now we know you all want to know how you can contact Charlie. So we asked him, and he said you’ll find him in many places around Durham dreaming about Nicola but feel free to interrupt if you see him. He also says if you have any ideas or queries about anything at all (unless you’re lonely and in incognito mode) just email him at So to put this to the test, we caught up with Charlie earlier, and asked him “Can we even email you about sec?”, and he replied “Sure, literally email me anything friends!”, and then he smiled and said “especially, good memes”.

Picture of Lily Hulatt
Welfare Officer: Lily Hulatt
Welfare Officer Lily is a second year PhD student in English Literature. She rows for college, works part-time in the DSU, and tries to find time for creative writing when not scratching her head over poetry and why people mimic her accent so much. Can often be found hunting for coffee, wasting all her sports activity by biscuit binging, or around Grey College instead of her actual livers-out accommodation.

Picture of Thomas Campbell
Social Secretary: Thomas Campbell
Tom is a History Masters student. When not playing centre half for the second worst team in Durham (the illustrious Grey Fs) he’s singing in Grey Choir and running Grey’s Open Mic Nights. His credentials for Social Secretary are largely that he always hosts pres in college (he has a massive room) and that he owns the full version of the Piccolo app. He’s looking forward to putting together some top socials and events for the MCR throughout the term, if there’s a specific event you want made just give him a shout.

Picture of Freddy Levitt
Social Secretary: Freddy Levitt
Freddy is a 4th year NatSci student who struggles to write 50-100 words about himself, because he’s embarrassed and scientists are illiterate. He plays Table Tennis, Pool, Badminton, and Squash, and is a member of DUSSC and ex-DU Badminton 2nds player. You’re more likely to meet him in a club than the library until 3rd term when he considers it his primary address. His main ideas for socials were poker/cards nights (+ wine & club) and wine and cheese nights (+ club).


Picture of Freddie Collings
Web Editor: Freddie Collings
Freddie is a 4th year Natural Sciences student studying Chemistry and Physics. When he is not playing around with lasers and ultra-cold atoms in labs, Freddie can be found singing bass-y riffs in an A Capella choir, Durham Dynamics, or meticulously planning this year’s DUCK expedition to India. This certainly wasn’t enough to fill his plate, so Freddie decided he needed more to occupy himself. Therefore, he wants to thank you for electing him into this position so that he can spend as little time as possible on his super-duper interesting degree, and more time making your MCR website look amazing.

Picture of Alice Wilson
4th Year Rep: Alice Wilson
Alice is in her fourth year of an integrated masters in Chemistry. When she’s not in the lab wondering why on earth she decided to study this subject, she can be found singing way too enthusiastically with her A Cappella choir (Durham Dynamics), showing off her finest moves in Klute, or crying at literally anything Disney related.


  • Postgraduate Mentor (Marcus Lancashire)
  • JCR President (Henry Folds)
  • JCR Representatives Officer (Daniel Du-Val)
  • JCR Mature Students' Rep (Teng Qin Ng)

A list of previous MCR committees can be found here.