Anonymous Welfare Messaging System

Please use this form to communicate anonymously with the Welfare Officer. You could report an incident (such as egging, drink spiking) to enable us to warn other students about it. You could ask us a question if you prefer not to talk directly. Or you can simply use it as an easy way of sending us your thoughts. Here are a few of the things you might want to write about:

  • Request information like leaflets, names of charities, phone numbers etc.
  • Tell us you'd like to see more coverage of a certain issue, illness or disability.
  • Let us know you are worried about a friend.
  • Suggest how we could improve campaign weeks (SHAG week, Where's your head at?, Alcohol Awareness)

This form is confidential and anonymous. When you submit the form, your message will be assigned a random 'Ticket ID' which looks something like 'ABC123'. This is the only thing which connects you to the message so it cannot be 'deanonymised' or linked back to you. Make sure you keep the Ticket ID safe because it is the only way to access a response. You should only write your name in the message if you would like us to know who you are.

Come back in a fews days and click 'View Response', then enter your Ticket ID to see if the Welfare Officers have responded. You can enter some additional information or reply as many times as you like using the same Ticket ID.