Livers In

Hatfield postgraduate accommodation is in James Barber House (JBH), located just five minutes walk from the main college site and just down the road from the main university library and the science site. The house has 45 single study bedrooms with shared bathrooms, a communal kitchen, dining area, TV/living room, a courtyard garden and a barbecue area. The let is for 50 weeks on a self-catered basis, so no need to worry about moving out for the holidays. It’s a very sociable place to live, and the building often plays host to various MCR events.

Livers Out

Many MCR members live in private accommodation in and around Durham. Although it can be a very different experience living in JBH or in private accommodation, livers out are encouraged to get involved with the MCR just as much as livers in. There is dedicated fridge and freezer space for livers out in JBH and they are always welcome to come and use the facilities, attend events or just hang out. The events committee includes a livers out rep whose job it is to put forward ideas and organise events such as brunch in town to help get everyone together.

JBH Garden

James Barber House (JBH) Garden

JBH Dining Room

James Barber House (JBH) Dining Room

JBH Common Room

James Barber House (JBH) Common Room

JBH Kitchen

James Barber House (JBH) Kitchen