MCR Committee

The MCR Committee is here to help and ensure that you make the most of your time at Hatfield. The President, Treasurer and Chair will be there to welcome you when you arrive at the end of September with a full programme of social activities during Induction week to help you get to know everyone and settle in, and they continue to organise social and academic events throughout the year. The President, Treasurer and Chair are elected before the summer, but you will have the opportunity to join the committee by running for one of the other Exec positions of Secretary, Events Officer, Academic Officer or Welfare Officer, or to join in a Non-Exec role as part of the assistant events team early on in the Michaelmas Term. Being part of the committee is both an important and rewarding part of College life, and we would encourage as many of you as possible to consider standing for a position!

If you will already be joining us this September then we look forward to meeting you and hope that you will have a great time at Hatfield, or if you are a prospective student interested in potentially joining us please use this website to find out more about us!

Lots of Hatfield Love!

MCR Committee 2014-15

MCR President

Hello and welcome to the Hatfield MCR Website! Whether you are a current member, or someone thinking about applying, this is a good place to find out information about postgraduate life at Hatfield.

The Middle Common Room (MCR) is here to cater for all PhD, Masters and PGCE students at Hatfield College, as well as mature Undergraduate students who would like to be involved. We also have a number of part-time and distance learners in our ranks. We are a diverse community, with students from all over the world studying a range of disciplines, and living either in College accommodation or elsewhere around Durham.

The MCR Executive Committee (‘Exec’ for short) seeks to offer activities for all of our members. The Exec is composed of seven annually elected volunteers from our own community. The President, Treasurer and Chair are elected at the end of the Epiphany (2nd) term, while elections for Events Officer, Welfare Officer, Academic Officer and Secretary are held in late October. On top of these positions we have a number of non-Executive roles, which are a great way to get involved with the MCR if you cannot commit too much time. New students are particularly invited to be part of this enthusiastic committee!

The activities run by the MCR include formal dinners held in College and a selection of trips to locations around the North East of England, as well as many other social events such as a Halloween Party and the Summer BBQ. As part of the MCR you can also join numerous sports clubs and other societies connected to Hatfield. We run research-related events such as termly research symposia, as well as offering financial assistance to our members to attend conferences, and even to help them run their own conferences here in Durham. Through all of these, we hope to provide a forum for mutual inspiration, motivation, networking and friendship.

If you are looking to come to Durham and wondering which College to apply for, then look no further than Hatfield! If you have already made the right decision, then I look forward to meeting you and hope you have a great time as a member of Hatfield College.

Andrew Smith
President, Hatfield College MCR

Hatfield College Master

Welcome to Hatfield College!

I am delighted that you are considering joining (or have already joined) Hatfield College. I hope your time here as a member of our postgraduate community will be fruitful and enjoyable.

We have tried over recent years to expand our postgraduate community (which we refer to as ‘the Middle Common Room’ or ‘MCR’) and to enhance its position within the College. Full-time students are Full Members of the MCR. A significant recent development has been to welcome part-time postgraduate members (most of whom are part-time distance learners) as Affiliated Members.

Whether you are a resident or non-resident member of the MCR, a Full Member or an Affiliated Member, you will find a lively community which both does its own thing, yet (when it can) joins in more widely with general College events, sports teams, and so on. There are good links with the Junior Common Room (undergraduates) and Senior Common Room (College officers, mentors and others) and I hope you will meet many of these people during your membership of the college. Hatfield is an active and lively society so I encourage you to join in and make the most of the place!

I have been Master of Hatfield College for 19 years. I am also a Professor in the Geography Department, where my research interests are in hydrology, water pollution and climate change. I live with my wife Elizabeth in Kingsgate House, the white house in Bow Lane just opposite the blue door into College. We have two children: Emma, who lives in Seattle, and Tom, who lives in New Zealand.

Inevitably, there is a lot to learn about a new place, but you can be assured of a warm welcome. The College staff are kind, loyal and ever helpful; there are none better, as you will soon find out. You have made a wise choice and I look forward to meeting you very soon. I know you will enjoy Hatfield!

Floreat collegium!

Prof. Tim Burt
Master, Hatfield College

Hatfield College Senior Tutor

I would like to add my warmest welcome to you as you read this website about the MCR, and I look forward to meeting you in person if you come to Hatfield College.

Hatfield MCR is a vibrant and diverse community and you will find it has many opportunities to participate in it; many of its activities are mentioned elsewhere in this website. The members of the MCR Exec are the voice of the postgraduate community on College Committees. If you join Hatfield College, do get to know the members of the Exec quickly; indeed you may consider standing for a position and taking an active role in the organisation and running of the postgraduate community.

I have been part of the Hatfield community since 2007. As Senior Tutor, I am part of the College’s senior management team, working closely with the Master and the Bursar. If you have any problems with any aspect of your student life while you here, please do not hesitate to contact me ( We can only help resolve problems if we know they exist.

Prof. Anthony Bash
Vice Master and Senior Tutor, Hatfield College