jEdit menus update v5/v6

Update to the latest version of menus and colour schemes for jEdit by following the instructions below. This should give you v6 menus and keyword colouring for v6 (11/10/2017). v5 menus included in case you want them

Save files inp.insert.xml, v5_inp.insert, durham_insert.xml, inp_mode.xml and inp.jedit-scheme to directories below:

C:\Documents and Settings\user_name\.jedit\xinsert\inp.insert.xml

C:\Documents and Settings\user_name\.jedit\xinsert\v5_inp.insert

C:\Documents and Settings\user_name\.jedit\xinsert\durham.insert.xml

C:\Documents and Settings\user_name\.jedit\modes\inp_mode.xml

C:\Documents and Settings\user_name\.jedit\schemes\inp.jedit-scheme

or the equivalent directory (e.g. j:\.jedit on a Durham ITS computer).

Or try the menu update process below.

Setting up jEdit for working with commercial Topas and Topas v5/v6

June 2017: compatibility with commercial topas has been in place for 5 years. If you need to do this just do a reinstallation of jedit from point 5 onwards.

If you haven't already done so please register here. I'll periodically send information about updates and bug fixes.


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