Research Group

In recent years the research group has typically been made up of a post doctoral research associate, 5 PhD students (3 working on joint projects with other groups) an academic visitor and 2 undergraduate project students.

We collaborate with a number of other groups in Durham and at other universities.

Present group members and alumni:

Ph. D. students (graduating year)

Chloe Fuller

James Lewis

Luiza Rosa de Araujo

Matt Chambers

Chris Ainsworth (2017)

Jacob Shephard (2010)

Andrew Tuxworth (2009)

Rebecca Yue (2008)

David Free (2007)

Sarah Lister (2005)

Anne Soleilhavoup (2005)

Graham Stinton (2003)

Luciano Howard (2002)

Matt Hampson (2002)

Clare Crossland (2001)

Neil Withers (2000)

Ian King (1999)

Simon Allen (1999)



Dr. Chun-Hai Wang

Dr. Sarah Tallentire

Dr. Emma McCabe

Dr. Jenny Readman

Dr. Lars Peters

Dr. Loc Nguyen

Dr. Arnaud Serres

Dr. Gang Xiong

Dr. Richard Gover


M. Sci. students

Mr. Abdullah Othman (2005)

Project students (starting year)

Sam Champion (2016)

Jamie Baird (2016)

Victoria Lazarus (2015)

Jack Blandy (2013)

Hannah Johnston (2012)

Felicity Child (2011)

Ian Fall (2010)

Andrew Tuxworth (2009)
Victoria Rixom (2008)

Francesca Perselli (2007)
Oliver Delamore (2007)

Alex Corkett (2007)

May Long (2006)

David Free (2006)

Deborah Gasso (2006)

Charles Clarke (2005)

Martin McDonald (2004)

Laura Budd (2004)

Sarah Lister (2003)

Pete Hickey (2003)

Nick Warmingham (2002)

Malcolm Tate (2002)

Richard Cordiner (2001)

Joanna Brindley (2001)

Neil Withers (2000)

Amber Thompson (2000)

Ed Brogden (1999)

Paul Hanson (1999)


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