At Eachléim we are doing three core things.
First, we are breeding pure-bred Irish Draughts;
Secondly, we are breeding Irish Sport horses,
and thirdly we are breeding Irish Draught based 'Cav Blacks'


This programme is at the heart of our thinking and all that we do, and everything else is a by-product of this plan. We aim to breed purebred Irish Draught horses of the sort which are becoming rarer and rarer to find nowadays. Our ideal is the smaller sized, old fashioned short shinned, deep, Irish farm horse, that did every job asked of them, that was both kind in the eye and was a hard worker. We want our horses to do a good job at jumping, although we are not slaves to this end like some are. We also want our horses to be from the rarer bloodlines so that they can contribute to the future of the whole of the breed. To that end — we are trying to plan that all of our purebred progeny will have a mean relationship to the whole of the national herd of two percent or less. We genuinely aim to do our bit for Genetic Diversity in the breed.


There is no getting away from it. When it's done carefully the Irish Draught when crossed with performance thoroughbreds can produce great sport horses. However, we don't believe that an ID should be a Sport Horse as an end in iteself. We do however try to keep true-to-type purebred mares that have the best sort of sporting pedigree possible. We are also keen on using performance selected and true-to-type purebred ID stallions with our carefully chosen Irish thoroughbred mares. This twin approach in using purebred performance Irish Draught mares along with Irish Sporthorse progeny also allow us a route to introduce more genetically diverse bloodlines into our future breeding plans, whilst still keeping one eye on the purebred type that we are after


The British Army has been buying Irish horses since...well since there was a British Army. Some regiments will only use black horses. Irish Draughts were always the horse of first choice for these regiments. In recent years though they have (out of necessity) had to purchase finer boned black horses from Ireland and elsewhere. My plan is to breed the purebred Irish Draught based 'Cav Black' of first choice for the British Army. It may take us some years to get to this, but I think in the end my purebred-Draught, performance Draught and 'Cav Black' breeding programmes will all converge.

This all looks like a lot of multi-tasking. So we are always happy to listen to advice from others who have learned about all of this the hard way. Plus, we are always looking for exceptional looking, perfect-typed, sporty and athletic, willing and friendly, purebred black Irish Draught mares with superb natural jumping skills , that are great 'doers' and are from rare bloodlines. If you have all this in a horse that is for sale PLEASE do contact us...
The chances are though, IF you already have all of this in a horse, you will be out riding it, NOT reading this website.