North East Body Psychology

Prof Lynda Boothroyd (Durham) runs research in collaboration with Dr Elizabeth Evans (Newcastle) on body perception and body ideals in children and adults. This research includes cognitive, developmental and a large cross-cultural perspective. See below for recent and ongoing research.
Television and Beauty Ideals in Rural Nicaragua

The Nicaragua Television and Beauty Project

This Leverhulme funded research project spent three years examining the impact of increasing television access on body ideals in rural Nicaragua. Read more here.
Body Image Interventions

Body image interventions in rapidly developing populations.

This Wellcome funded project will be starting to explore with local populations, how best to foster body image resilience, and prevent the development of eating disorders, in populations gaining their first access to mass media.
Further information for those interested in collaboration or working with such populations can be found here.

Cognitive Underpinnings of Body Ideals

Models of body preference change
In collaboration with Prof Martin Tovee and Dr Thomas Pollet, these studies are seeking to understand how cognitive processes may contribute to the way in which we represent and express perceptions of body shape attractiveness. For instance: different forms of learning may both contribute to changes in body weight preferences; dissonance based interventions may affect implicit thin-bias

Body Ideals and Body Image Across Development

The sociocultural model as applied to children
These studies examine body image and body size ideals in children and young people. For instance: sociocultural pressures drive disordered eating attitudes from an early age.