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Staff Profile for Professor Lynda Boothroyd

Body Perception Research

Information about our research on Body Image and Body Ideals

Lab Members

Linda Lidborg - Sexual selection, mate choice and masculinity JiaWei Liu - body ideals and body image in Chinese overseas students
James Rutter - Sexual dimorphism and gender in the voice Fabienne Andres - Body image in low and middle income populations
Katy Jacques - Muscularity ideals in men and women Louise Hanson - Body image, body size misperception and developmental predictors of eating disorder risk

Former students

Dr Kate Cross, Dr Elizabeth Evans

Dr Hue San Kuay, Dr Natalia Dutra

Dr Tracey Thornborrow

Material for the public

Lynda's articles for the public at The Conversation Lynda's 'facial masculinity rant' A cultural history of the beard (BBC)
Caregivers wanting to support girls' body image may find it useful to visit the BeReal Campaign or this guide to helping girls learn to love their bodies.