What does attending this conference mean to you?

We asked 2013 delegates “what does attending this conference mean to you”:

I prefer this conference to ALT-C because of how easily the approaches and lessons learnt transfer to ‘on the ground’ practice by TEL support teams. The focus is on practical advice from experience, not bogged down in the theoretical detail, hence DurBbU is essential in helping small projects make a wider impact beyond their institution.

I’ve always felt that the Durham conference offers the same quality as the Bb European conference but much better value and retaining all the virtues.

It allows me and colleagues within the team to attend a highly relevant user led conference within our existing budget. It’s inspirational to see what can be achieved by other e-learning teams and makes us want to raise our games.

It is definitely the best opportunity of the year for networking, keeping up-to-date with the latest developments and ideas within the Blackboard community, and renewing the enthusiasm and ideas after Christmas, ready for the new term!

It’s the only viable opportunity for us to meet with colleagues from other institutions and represents excellent value for money for participating institutions. The User presentations have improved year on year.

Keeps me up to date with elearning developments, provides an opportunity to catch up with people I know and to meet new people.  It’s interesting to find out who is doing what and with what degree of success.  Extremely useful when considering changes and if needing to speak to someone who can offer an insight.

To gain a good understanding of what we as educators face when trying to implement TEL and hearing that I am not alone when facing these issues.