Theme for 14th Durham Blackboard Users Conference


We are pleased to announce the theme of the 14th Durham Blackboard Users Conference due to take place on Thursday and Friday, 9th and 10th January 2014 – the theme will be the “Life of i” ….

We’re taking liberties with the title of a well-known novel and rather expensive devices designed in California but made in China, to look at personal and personalised lifelong learning, supported through technology.

Questions/areas we hope that the event will address include:

  • To what extent does technology emancipate students, freeing them to make their own learning decisions?
  • How can we effectively support students harnessing personal technologies to promote life-long learning?
  • To what extent can and should institutions facilitate personalisation of the learning experience?
  • In providing digital solutions for the personal are we creating an isolating experience for the private?
  • Personalised learning en mass: Rhetoric or Reality?

As ever, we invite members of the Blackboard User Community (and their friends who may have jumped ship) to share their insights and experiences. Some suggestions for submissions are:

  • “Digital native”?
  • Digital Literacy
  • MOOC pedagogy: can you personalise mass education?
  • Just in time teaching
  • Flipping the classroom making the most of face to face
  • Supporting Reflective learning using technology
  • Designing Flexible eLearning not Distance Learning

We will be putting out a call for papers next week.


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    • Andrew Raistrick on 24 October 2013 at 1:41 pm

    Has the call for papers been distributed yet?
    I haven’t seen anything. Many Thanks

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