2nd Durham BB Users Conference

VLE: Valuable Learning Experience

Tuesday, 11th December 2001
Penthouse Suite, Collingwood College, Durham University, Durham

VLE: Valuable Learning Experience aims to move beyond the evaluation and implementation of a VLE to look at how the learning environment is actually being used to enhance learning and teaching within institutions and will address, amongst others, topics such as distance learning and accessibility. Following the expansion of learning environments into the wider education sector, there will also be one speaker giving an overview of Blackboard in FE.


Dr Grainne Conole
Institute Director
University of Bristol
VLEs, MLEs and beyond
Gabriel Jezierski
Learning Development Manager
University of Wales, Cardiff
Blackboard, Accessibility and the Special Educational Needs and Disability Act – SENDA (2001)
Cathy Ellis
Learning Resource Coordinator
City of Sunderland College
It’s the curriculum, stupid! Why pedagogy should drive the MLE 
Dr Arthur Loughran
Senior Lecturer
University of Paisley
Supporting distance learners at the University of Paisley
Patris van Boxel
Vrije Universiteit
Using a VLE to support active learning: a model for training of academic staff
Dr Barbara Newland
Learning Technologies Team Leader
University of Durham
Is the whole greater than the sum of its parts?
Blackboard Features of Blackboard 5.5

UK Users Forum

Following the Conference, the University of Newcastle are inviting delegates to a UK Users Forum to take up themes from the conference and discuss others, in a regular Forum to be held at the University of Newcastle on Wednesday December 12th. Durham and Newcastle are only 20 miles apart, and a meal/social event is suggested on Tuesday evening following the conference.