The following FAQ’s might help answer any questions you may have – but if you have a question not listed then please just contact us – we can then add it to the list.

Pre-Conference FAQs

I want to submit a paper but can you give me some guidance on the format?

We are looking for approx half a page of A4 – no more than one A4 side. You need a title and content that will attract delegates to your talk so make sure you explain what you are going to cover and who would find it interesting. We have all submissions peer reviewed anonymously by two members of the community and we offer feedback with an opportunity to enhance any submission.

Peer Review Volunteers

Every year we look for people from the eLearning community who are attending the conference to peer review paper submissions. The only thanks we can give is to put volunteers into a prize draw for a £50 Amazon voucher. If you are interested please send your name to julie.mulvey@durham.ac.uk

Pre-Conference Afternoon

As part of the conference we offer all registered delegates the option to attend a pre-conference afternoon – we usually run User Groups or Workshops etc. This includes a short drinks reception. The afternoon begins at 2 pm and ends at 5 pm with the Drinks Reception starting at 5 until 6 pm.

If you are not attending the Conference then you can register for this afternoon for a small fee – but you must be registered.

The Drinks Reception is for attendees of the Pre-Conference afternoon.

Prize Draws at the Conference

We have two prize draws which take place on the first morning of the conference.

This year we have a £100 Amazon Voucher for any first named person on a paper being presented. All names go into a hat and a winner is drawn.

The second prize draw is a £50 Amazon Voucher for any person volunteering to peer review papers. All names go into a hat and a winner is drawn.

What happens to my Submission?

All members of the Learning Technologies Team initially review all papers and then they are allocated to be peer reviewed by volunteers from the eLearning community. Each paper is reviewed by at least two different volunteers.

Once we receive feedback we go back to the Submitter giving information about whether the paper is accepted or not. Sometimes based on feedback we ask that the submission is edited to take on board any comments made.

Registration FAQs

Can I pay by Purchase Order?

For simplicity and cost implications – I am afraid we only accept credit card payments through the Amiando system. We simply have no overhead to be able to get Purchase Orders processed elsewhere without incurring significant cost.

Remember that this keep the price of this conference down per individual – the Learning Technologies Team do a lot of the conference organisation themselves and have worked out, over a number of years, how to keep this cost down enabling more than just one person to attend per institution.

Car Parking in Durham?

You have to request a visitor parking space as part of your Registration process. You need to give car registration number, and the dates and times you need the parking place. Please do not assume that you will be able to find a parking place on campus on the day.

When you arrive you can park anywhere in the Business School Car Park and collect your parking pass from the main Reception Desk and you need to place this in the car. Please note that we have parking management in place and you can be fined if you do not display your pass.

If you have forgotten to request a place – please email julie.mulvey@durham.ac.uk and request a pass. Whilst I cannot guarantee this if you leave this as short notice I will see what we can do.

Does the conference fee include VAT?

The conference fee is zero VAT rate so the price shown is the price you need to pay.

I have a specific food allergy – what do I do?

When you register please indicate this in the Special Requirements box but also it wouldn’t harm to send an email to julie.mulvey@durham.ac.uk letting us know the exact details so that we can plan accordingly. Our chefs and catering staff are very amenable to helping food not be an issue for you.

Offset Carbon Footprint?

During the Registration process it asks if you want to donate to offset the Carbon footprint through Xing Events Climate Partner. Whilst this is not something we can remove as it is part of the Registration system we are using, you may wish to make a donation as part of your green agenda or you can simply ignore this request.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

The Registration system says that you can cancel a booking but only until a certain date and you will be charged a handling fee – after that deadline we are committed to paying for your place whether you attend or not and therefore we suggest you send a colleague instead.

At the Conference FAQs

How do we connect to the internet in Durham?

Please note that Durham University has signed up to eduroam which you can use at the conference. Delegates will also be given a temporary Conference ID when you arrive. Link to Internet Connection page

Is there a Conference Twitter hash tag?

Please used #durbbu as the Twitter hash tag for the Conference


We expect most people will leave their bags in their hotel or College accommodation during the conference. If you arrive late or if you have to check out early, there is limited capacity for bag storage on the ground floor of the conference – ask at the reception desk. We have coat hanging areas available which you will be directed to.

What’s the Presentation format being used at Durham?

If you are presenting – please note that we are presenting in Widescreen.

Staying in Durham FAQs

Are there any maps available?

Here is a link to a map of Durham University
(1) Durham Business School / (23) Durham Castle.

How can I book a Taxi?

We would prefer you to book your taxis yourselves if possible to remove the workload from the Business School Reception staff. A link of taxi companies can be found through Yell.com for the Durham area.

If you have any difficulty, however, please do speak to the Business School Reception staff.

Why can’t I book accommodation through you?

What we try and do is keep the costs as low as possible so that we can offer this conference as a really low rate compared to other conferences. We are therefore using a Registration System supplied by Blackboard but this does not arrange accommodation. If I outsourced this then there would be a significant increase in cost so we ask that you sort out your own accommodation.

Please visit the Accommodation page which lists several establishments and I am sure you will find it easy enough to find and book yourself a room! You can either book College accommodation through the University which is normally cheaper than local hotels or alternatively try and use either www.LateRooms.com or ring the hotels direct.

If you have a query not listed above please Email Julie.mulvey@durham.ac.uk for advice or telephone her on 0191 334 2781