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John (Leander of St Martin) Jones [alias Scudamore]

Monk ID: 688
Member of: Spanish
Born: 1575 at Llanfrynach, Powys ( Welsh )
Died: 1635 17 Dec aged 70th year at London
Entered: 1599 20 Oct
Professed: 1600
Missions: Sutton, Surrey, 1634-1635
Offices: Abbot (elsewhere)
Cathedral priorship of Canterbury 1633
President English Benedictine Congregation 1619-1621, 1633-1635
Prior, St Gregory's 1612-1614, 1621-1625, 1629-1633
Sources: Allanson. Bellenger. Birt. CRS 30, 43. CRS 33, 194, 199. Lunn. ODNB
Notes: Novice master, St Gregory's, 1607. Vicar general to the English OSB outside of Spain, 1612. 1st definitor judge, 1625. Abbot of Cismar, 1629. He was professed for San Martin, Compostella. He had studied at St John's, Oxford before his conversion. He was a chamber fellow of William Laud. In 1596 he entered the English College, Valladolid, aged 22, leaving in 1599. He was awarded a D.D. from the University of Salamanca. He spent time at the abbey of St Remy at Rheims training novices c. 1606/1607. After 1607 he taught catechesis at Marchienne College. He helped to draw up terms of the Union, 1617. He is said to have been a great linguist, speaking a number of Oriental languages. For 24 years he served as professor of divinity and Hebrew at either Marchienne College or the College of St Vedast (both colleges of Douai University). He was sent to London by the Pope to discover the situation of Catholics following the approbation affair but was compromised as he had sided with the Jesuits. He was buried at Somerset House. Author of ' Sacra Ars Memoriae ad Scripturas Divinas in promptu habendas memoriteraque ediscendas accommodata' (1623), 'Conciliatio locorum Communium totius Scripturae' (1623), 'Arnobius contra Gentes cum notis' (1634), 'Apostolatus Benedictinorum' (1626).
Eleyson (Benedict. Bennet) Brychan [alias Thomas] (nephew)

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