Meet the Exec

2018-2019 Exec:

Aye Aye Captain: Andrew Stemp

About: I am in my fourth year studying chemistry and physics. After coming second last in my only junior inter regional championships in 2012, one may assume I wouldn't come to much. Little did they know this orienteer had a dream, a dream planned out with a spreadsheet which using a linear regression extrapolates forward to the very date he will become UK number one. Several years have passed since then, and on 15/10/2019 it will become a reality. Only fate, very dubious assumptions of the model or death will stand in my way.

Email: andrew.j.stemp@durham.ac.uk

Vice Captian: Luke Piper

About: Hi I'm Luke, I discovered orienteering at University. It looked perfect because I run a lot and I can map read quite well, but it turns out that I can't do both at the same time. But it's the taking part that counts.

Email: luke.piper@durham.ac.uk

Treasurer: Bronwen Mansel

About:Hi I'm a second year Natural Scientist from Grey with a real talent for hair dyeing. My parents have been dragging me to orienteering events since I was about 8 but I've only really started to properly enjoy it in the last few years. I'm from Suffolk so I'm not used to contours but the hills in Durham are helping me to improve.

Email: bronwen.s.mansel@durham.ac.uk

Social Sec: Beatrice Law

About: I am a second year Management with Marketing student from Mary's. I was bored after dancing for 13 years and have changed my sport to Orienteering instead. I am crazy about my sport. I have travelled to different countries for it ,such as Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, couple times of Hungary, Turkey, couple times of Taiwan, Inner Mongolia, and so on. This sport is life changing and addictive. I really enjoy it :-)

Email: hoi.y.law@durham.ac.uk

50% Coach + 50% Webmaster: Matthew Foskett

About: I'm a fourth year engineer at Hild Bede and I began orienteering when I came to Durham. I'd only started running regularly in the August but had done quite a bit of map reading through scouts and hill walking before. I've really enjoyed all the orienteering I've done in the last 2 years and hopefully will get to do loads more this year :-)

Email: matthew.g.foskett@durham.ac.uk

50% Coach + 50% Webmaster : Daniel Murphy

About: I am a fourth year NatSci student at Hild Bede and I got into orienteering at uni! I've been running for years with my family (but I've only started enjoying it the last few) and have completed 190 parkruns. I've since got all my family involved in orienteering as it makes running more interesting!!

Email: daniel.t.murphy@durham.ac.uk

Kit Officer: Keen Newbie

About: Low commitment exec role. Access to top secret exec info. Loads of fun!

Email: new.b@durham.ac.uk

Past Execs: