Meet the Exec

2016-2017 Exec:

Captain: Cameron Davies

About: I am a fourth year at van Mildert studying Geography. I started orienteering when I was in primary school. I am currently a member of Bristol Orienteerin Klub (BOK) and have been part of the South West Junior Squad.

Email: c.c.davies@durham.ac.uk

Vice Captain: Mariama Dryak

About: I am a third year at Grey College studying Combined Honours in Social Sciences in Geography and Archaelogy. I started orienteering in February (2015) at BUCS! But I come from a background of competition in cross country and track and field.

Email: mariama.dryak@durham.ac.uk

Treasurer: Andrew Stemp

About: I'm a second year studying Natural Sciences (Chemistry and Physics) at Hild Bede, I started orienteering five years ago with my local club in Cambridgeshire. I realised two years ago that you do better if you run rather than walk. Last year I learnt how to read a map, that helped too.

Email: andrew.j.stemp@durham.ac.uk

Kit Officer: Michael Hallett

About: I'm a second year at St Aidan's College studying Earth Sciences, I started orienteering through my parents literally as soon as I could walk and have competed for England on a couple of occasions. Orienteering takes you so many places and is a great sport for travelling and meeting new people which is why I enjoy it so much.

Email: michael.hallett@durham.ac.uk

Joint Social Sec: Fran Brown

About: Hey I'm Fran (St Mary's), I came to orienteering through a running background aged 11. My biggest achievement is beating Julie (aka beast) in a relay or 2nd at the British Middles 2015. My favourite discipline is the sprint because it gives me less chance of getting lost. I also like banter starts at relays (first to the start kite).

Email: f.n.brown@durham.ac.uk

Joint Social Sec: Harriet Lawson

About: I am a fourth year at Stephenson College studying BSc Accounting on the KPMG bespoke school leaver programme. I have been an orienteer all my life and have represented Great Britain. For me, the sport allows you to use your brain and read a map while running which keeps you interested throughout - we all know running can be boring at times! Plus you can make friends for life through the sport!

Email: h.j.a.lawson@durham.ac.uk

Webmaster: Matthew Foskett

About: I'm a second year engineer at Hild Bede and I began orienteering when I came to Durham. I'd taken up running in the August but had done quite a bit of map reading through scouts and hill walking before and really enjoyed my first year of orienteering!

Email: matthew.g.foskett@durham.ac.uk

Past Execs: