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2019-2020 Exec:

Captain: Sam New

About: Hi, Iím Sam DUOC captain and a politics finalist at Josephine Butler. Iím a relative newbie to the sport, having only taken it up in first year , but I absolutely love the adventure aspect of running in interesting areas with only a map and compass! I spent last year abroad in Uppsala, Sweden but I canít say my orienteering experience there amounted to much more than being lost in dark, wintery, and featureless Swedish forests.

Email: samuel.new@durham.ac.uk

Vice Captian: Bronwen Mansel

About: Hi Iím Bronwen, a third year natural sciences (physics and chemistry) student at Grey College. Iíve been orienteering for over half my life now, which is quite a scary thought, but most of it has just been plodding around the flat forests in East Anglia. Iíve only become interested in running since starting university and I have been able to experience new and more technical orienteering areas since being a part of DUOC.

Email: bronwen.s.mansel@durham.ac.uk

Treasurer: Peter Jackman

About:I'm a second year physics student from Cuthís. Thinking I was a decent runner and map reader I thought I'd give orienteering a go at uni, but it turns out the two are pretty difficult together. Even so, I'm looking forward to doing more this year!

Email: peter.j.jackman@durham.ac.uk

Social Sec: Nick Wilson


Email: nicholas.a.wilson@durham.ac.uk

Webmaster: William Phillips

About:Hi, I am a third year Geographer from John's. I took up orienteering in second year having just started running that summer. Orienteering has made running so much more interesting and I have realised that following a map is much more fun than colouring one in... I have really enjoyed the weekly training sessions and events such as the Edinburgh Big Weekend. Hopefully this year I will learn how to orienteer properly and won't get disqualified so often.

Email: william.l.phillips@durham.ac.uk

Coach: Oisin Brennan

About: Hi, Iím a first year geophysics student at Butler but this is my second year at Durham (pure physics wasnít for me). Iíve only been orienteering for a year but Iím a keen fell runner and have been out in the mountains for as long as I can remember. It turns out the navigation for orienteering events is a bit more difficult than fell races (in my first proper orienteering event it took me 40 minutes to find control 2!) but I eventually got the hang of it. I really enjoy the challenge orienteering provides and am looking forward to another year.

Email: oisin.brennan2@durham.ac.uk

Coach: Luke Parker

About: Hi, Iím a 2nd Year Physicist at Trevs and also one of the DUOC Coaches for this year. Iíve been Orienteering since I was 8, and have raced with my home club of CLARO, the Yorkshire Junior Squad and now DUOC. Alongside the traditional Foot Orienteering I also compete in the more obscure sport of Mountain Bike Orienteering (MTBO).

Email: luke.t.parker@durham.ac.uk

Social Media and Community Officer: Tamanna Dasanjh

About:Hi, Iím Tamanna and Iím a second year physicist. I first decided to start orienteering at university because I love being outdoors and enjoy the extra mental challenge that map reading brings to the sport. I get lost a lot but still manage to have fun!

Email: tamanna.dasanjh@durham.ac.uk

Social Media and Community Officer: Hannah Goldswain

About:Iím Hannah, a third year biologist. Iíve been Orienteering a while with not much to show for it, but someoneís got to take one for the team and finish last. Orienteering is great fun whether youíre a runner or just want to wander around a forest for a bit, not to mention all the great people you meet and places you get to visit.

Email: hannah.goldswain@durham.ac.uk

Kit Officer: Beatrice Law

About: Hi I am Beatrice. Although I am on my placement abroad this year, I will always support DUOC! I am an orienteering enthusiast, and I have been lucky enough to do different events all around the world. The fun of the sports is definitely the variety of terrain instead of the same sportsground no matter where you go!

Email: hoi.y.law@durham.ac.uk

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