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Command Line Tool

If you prefer working at the command line to using a graphical interface, then there is a tool with equivalent functionality available.

Installing Dio

As of version 3.0, the command-line script is invoked under the name "dio".


The Linux install script installs the command "dio" by default in addition to the command "diogenes", which runs the web-based interface. So nothing further needs to be done.

Mac OS X

If you are on OS X, then move the Diogenes application to the place you want it ultimately to live and in the terminal run a command similar to this (all on one line, with spaces between the three parts of the command):

sudo ln -sf

The above command assumes that you have installed Diogenes in the standard "Applications" folder; if you have put it elsewhere, adapt the command accordingly. If you subsequently move the Diogenes application, you will have to perform this step again.

Microsoft Windows

There is no convenient solution for Windows users, who will probably have to run a command like "perl \path\to\diogenes\".

Running Dio

For a full list of options, just run "dio". Here are some examples:

"dio -bl Stat" or "dio -bln1020"

Browse to a passage in Statius

"dio -w φιλοσοφια"

Search the TLG word-list for forms of "philosophia"