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Installation for Microsoft Windows

Installing Diogenes

Download the Windows version of Diogenes, and double-click on the file you have downloaded. This starts the installer; most users can just click through without changing any of the defaults.

When the installer is finished, there should be a Diogenes icon on your desktop and in the Programs listing of the Start menu.

Start up Diogenes. The first time you try to access each of the databases (tlg, phi, etc.), you will be prompted to give its location.

You may delete the installer that you downloaded. If you ever want to uninstall Diogenes, go to Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs -> Diogenes 3.

Minimum System Requirements

On Windows, Diogenes has the same system requirements as Firefox 2.

As of Version 3.0.7, Diogenes for Windows includes a copy of Perl, so it is no longer necessary to install that separately.