There are a number of gravestones in the St Mary the Less graveyard. Some have been moved, but remain on site, a few remain where they were first placed. Those buried here generally share links to the Cathedral, St John's College and City. Some are picked out below:

John Davison grave stone

John Davison 1839

Landowners and local gentry:

The most striking grave is probably that of Thomas Bowes, with an ornamental cross. Elizabeth Bowes, and her daughter Mary are buried beneath the floor inside the chapel. The Bowes family were local landowners. The Wharton family bequeathed Wharton Park, above the Train Station, to the city in the 1850s. Sir Thomas Wharton owned Old Park, passing it on to his daughter Mary who in turn gave it to one of her four sisters, two of whom are buried here: Deborah and Elizabeth.

Dorothea, daughter of Sir John Eden, is buried here, with her second husband, Lt General Daniel Seddon.

Holders of City Responsibilities:

The Hopper family, which produced two mayors of Durham has a stone to Margareta Hopper, Gualterus ( Walter ). Thomas White, Mayor in 1871, is also buried here with his wife.

Walter Scruton, who died in 1852, was Deputy Clerk of the Peace in Durham. He owned the Red Lion Inn which is now Hatfield College, and sold it to the University in 1846. In just one example of the close nature of Durham society, he is buried near the family of the Clerk of the Peace, Gerald Blisson Wharton. At some point he had a dispute with Lord Londonderry, Charles William Vane, which is recorded in private papers.

Cathedral People:

Canon Henry Bathurst’s grave is badly weathered, but no doubt mentioned that he was Bishop of Norwich for some years. He was born in 1775, In 1795, he was made prebendary of Durham and also appointed canon of Christ Church, Oxford. He was consecrated bishop of Norwich in 1805. George Townsend, tenth prebend of the cathedral, is buried nearby. Mary Thurlow, doubtless a member of the family of George Thurlow, Bishop of Durham in 1787. There are two Greenwell graves, the family of Canon Greenwell: Canon Thomas died 1839, aged 55, and his widow Isabella Alicia who died 1855, aged 69. Their children are also buried here: Isabella died 1841 aged 17, Eleanor Ann died 1843, aged 29, Francis died 1852, aged 29.

Other people of interest:

A missionary to India, the Reverend Henry Watson Fox, lies beneath the trees behind the Chapel. He was missionary to the Telegu people, South India. He was born in Westoe, Durham in 1817 and educated at Wadham College in Oxford. His wife died in 1845, and one of their three children soon after, and he himself died in 1849.

There is a badly worn grave to the Sheffield family, which proudly gives their occupation as Ironmongers.

List of Burials:
Margaret and Walter Hopper grave

The Grave of Margaret and Walter Hopper.

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