A few pictures from a recent 48 hour visit to collaborators in Lyon. The pictures are from the pedestrian walkways around la Part-Dieu – a classic example of 60’s enthusiasm for creating efficient multi-lane routes for traffic and relegating pedestrians to soulless concrete walkways and subways. See how popular these are on a busy Saturday morning?

Part Dieu 1 Part Dieu 2

Two pictures from the walkway above rue Servient [45 45 39 N 4 51 15 E].

Credit Lyonnais

View up the Crédit Lyonnais tower: nicknamed locally “le crayon” (the pencil), the Crédit Lyonnais tower is landmark in the Lyon skyline. The bank itself crashed spectacularly in the early 90’s as a result of risky speculation in the 80’s (although debate continues over whether the collapse itself or the subsequent bail-out by the French government was the greater scandal).

Flying visit to Lyon