Pictures from the “International School on High Field NMR Spectroscopy for Solids and Liquids” held at the Ecole de Physique [45 54 1 N, 6 46 13 E] outside Les Houches (Chamonix valley, France). Unfortunately the weather wasn’t terribly good, so the pictures lack that sparkle of snowy mountains against blue sky.

Les Houches window

The rooms were fairly basic, but you certainly couldn’t complain about the view!

Les Houches trees Forest path

At a distance, the tree cover can give the lower slopes of the Alps a somewhat “scruffy” appearance. But the Alpine trees have their own charm and beauty up close.

Charousse sheep

Flock of sheep near Charousse

Charousse2 Charousse3

The hamlet of Charousse [45 54 2 N, 6 45 57 E] was almost round the corner from the Ecole. Accessible only via rough tracks, it felt like stepping into a different world (images of Heidi).


Close-up of unfurling bracken fronds taken on an afternoon off from the talks / writing. The digital camera makes it quick and easy to experiment beyond “point-and-shoot” to play with aperture and depth of field.

Les Houches